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Our memory care areas offer care staffing and specific lifestyle enrichment activities that meet your loved ones. Our cozy neighborhoods and kind staff make them feel comfortable by interacting and participating in actions.

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Tremendous Atmosphere

We maintain the best atmosphere for you so that you can feel comfortable and happy with us


Latest Medical Care

We use all the latest tools and technologies having skilled staff who are dedicated to providing 


Caring and Courteous Staff

We have a highly qualified and dedicated staff who is always courteous to provide you complete care.


Yoga For Relaxation

We render complete care and for this, we schedule several yoga and meditation classes that can provide you deep relaxation and happiness.


Best Assisted Living 

We are proudly the best-assisted living who focus to provide complete care having all the facilities available under one roof.


Hospice Care 

We provide the best hospice care by providing complete care to terminally ill people and these make us the best nursing home

Assisted Living at Nursing Homes in Lexington

We have got Personalized, Nurturing Care Plans for Your Loved One.
At Nursing homes in Lexington ky, we maintain the assisted living and retirement community. We offer person-centered care plans in a nurturing atmosphere and a safe, engaging environment.
Talk to an Assisted Living Specialist or Schedule a Tour of our Community
We have a thoughtful program that is appropriate for you and your beloved ones. The programs can also be customized by Nursing homes in Lexington ky, as per your convenience and requirements.


Our communities's objective is to assist with activities while helping our residents to maintain their independence as necessary. Team members are available 24-hours per day to support residents with activities including dressing, bathing, medication reminders, and coordination of wellness and transport services.


Our assisted living communities provide a respectful and loving alternative for seniors who don't require intensive, skilled nursing support.

Assistance with Daily Activities
Medication Reminders
Emergency Telephone System
Private Rooms
Worship Services
Life Enrichment Activities
Cyber Café
Salon Services
On-Site Rehabilitation and Health Services

Find out more about our assisted living communities. Our assisted living program is emphasized on a tour of this Nursing homes in Lexington ky community. Honoring God During Service to Seniors


We create areas where all the residents and workers can be a part of a community that gives them a sense of security, belonging, and purpose. We are committed to developing a family feeling as we want our own family. We provide an environment that our residents can call home.v


We express our thankfulness externally throughout joy to the job we are blessed to do. We integrate the fruit of the soul through our workplace society and bless those around us by providing service with a grin. We express patience and kindness with one another and our residents, looking for methods to serve and enjoy our citizens together with verbal communication and personal experiences.


We connect our lives to our mission and devote our time, our talent, and our prizes to the increased goodwill of the company.


We're transparent in our company jobs from the top down into our direction model and our entire portfolio. We think about self-reflection and the opportunity it provides for us to develop. We all tell the truth in everything we do. We don't take part in half-truths or willful deceptions.


We serve and love our inhabitants by meeting their spiritual, psychological, nutritional supplements, and physiological demands by providing a holistic approach to caring for our seniors. We commit to live our lives with intentionality towards the human body, mind, and spirit to serve others via an abundant overflow.

Our Testimonials

Jessica Jackson

"A good place to live your life again in the ’60s without any responsibilities and tension, love to live there. Recommend it to all elders."

Steve Johnson

"It is one of the best nursing homes that have all the facilities available under one-roof, I love to reside there, would recommend it to everyone who wants a home away from home."

Jhone Dew

"The best nursing home ever, they use all the latest methods to treat you, the staff is so caring, the facilities are awesome. Best place to relax and reside even in illness!"

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Our memory care areas offer care staffing and specific lifestyle enrichment activities that meet your loved ones

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