Assisted Living In Lexington

Community Care for assisted living in Lexington.

We have the right mix of Lexington Elder Care relatives, fellow staffers, medical practices, community businesses, partners, and vendors are showing their support for our leading heroes!

Hope and healing, comfort, and care. At our day care Lexington, our goal is to nurture the spirit and inspire one person at one time, well-being.

Why Choose Lexington Elder Care?

At Lexington Elder Care, our objective is to nurture your soul and inspire the well-being of the residents.
We're Customer-Focused
Everyone is unique. Our residents and patients have different needs and expectations. Our Service Excellence Program tries to surpass your expectations, and we all treat every person we experience like friends and family. Lexington Elder Care is committed to delivering the maximum level of support. Our Service Program's vision is to be the best for you in delivering the expected standards of day care Lexington ky.

We're Experts in Day Care

It takes a group to meet the challenges of today's complex care needs. Lexington Elder Care guarantees that our staff remains and develops up-to-date on the latest healthcare developments and techniques and has the expertise to manage complex medical and rehabilitation needs. Ongoing education is also provided by our experts, including medical and rehab experts and Advanced Practice Nurse. We offer advanced tools like Telemedicine and AlterGĀ® Anti-Gravity Treadmill. Our approach increases our ability to deal with and treat many different health issues.

Delivering High-Quality Health & Well-Being Nothing we do will be more important than making sure that the relaxation of those within our care. We assemble our activities and applications based on feedback and ideas from citizens, our clients, and their families.

Our special life programs are based on the very best industry practices and features. Our programs are focused and designed to enhance the lives of people living with Alzheimer's and dementia. Specially trained personnel, devoted to continuous progress and best practices, listen to and respond to Lexington patients' and residents must create inspiring well-being adventures, one individual, and a household at a time.

We're an Efficient Network

We're family. Nurses, doctors, personnel, health care partners, patients, therapists, residents, your loved ones and ours...we're in this together with a thorough network of care and services, including rehabilitation, independent living, assisted living, home healthcare, long-term maintenance, healthcare, hospice, and sleep therapy. We maintain an electronic medical record system that allows us to transition and to handle you from 1 service into the next when you need it. Years of experience have pushed us into a health care company able to deliver superior and compassionate care, each step along the way-making us one of the most successful assisted living in Lexington.

About Us

Our memory care areas offer care staffing and specific lifestyle enrichment activities that meet your loved ones

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